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New York Magazine's last issue of 2014 begged the question "Worst Sports Year Ever?" Attention grabbing coverline, for when you turned to the story, their headline rebuked it immediately.

New York's made charts and graphs that should finally make it clear that, no, 2014 wasn't NY's worst sports year ever. Of course, this is strictly referring to wins-losses, not the NFL's stance of s'cool-to-beat-your-wife-unless-video-footage-is-leaked thing. That whole thing. 


The spread—a rainbow EKG of victories and defeats—was hard to read if you wanted to follow the individual history per team, but in print, the story was to simply get across that it wasn't the worst year in sports with a few key points of data.

But knowing New York and their excellent syngery between their print and digital product, the online version of the story provided users with that ability to follow a particular team's statistical path through time, or, multiple teams at once. Against a clean white background, each team's color popped vividly, allowing the user to pinpoint certain years in the team's history, and even elicit an emotional reaction by reliving those years evoke a whole lot of nostalgia for the '86 Mets. 

You'd think this graph would be a Mets fan's worst enemy, seeing the team's failures mathematically charted on the bed, er, board. The Mets: our beloved Mess. At least this handy graph is a sweet reminder that no matter how bad any particular season or team seemed, nothing was ever (and hopefully, will ever be) as bad as 1962, their starting year. 

'Here' being somewhere resting uncomfortably in the middle?

'Here' being somewhere resting uncomfortably in the middle?